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Not Just Another Diva

Denise Lisenby
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  • It is unusual to discover an emerging artist whose quality of voice and depth of emotion are as enchanting to the modern listener as to those who cherish the time-honored roots of American blues and gospel music. Joan Osborne, Bonnie Raitt and Sheryl Crow have all openly borrowed from the musical heroes of old and yet, have also succeeded in pushing themselves into such exciting and uncharted territory that their music, in return, has inspired new artists and made an indelible contribution to the ever-growing tradition of contemporary rock ‘n roll.
  • Denise Lisenby is that rare talent whose restless creativity and genuine love of music are at home among a broad range of musical styles. Her debut album Not Just Another Diva is a singular expression of that untamable spirit. Accompanied by vintage guitar and organ sounds, impressive drumming, tasty percussion and the occasional horn, violin, and harmonica, Denise’s presence is bewitching, wildly rich and intensely expressive.
  • Yet, while Not Just Another Diva is unreservedly adventurous in its stylistic scope, Denise’s fearless authenticity and refined sensuality create an overall effect that is positively distinct and refreshing.
  • Whether Lisenby is taunting her lover Texas-blues style in Get You Down or cherishing him in the ecstatic, moodily-textured Driftin there is always a sense that something exciting and unexpected is about to happen. She is not tricky with her voice. Instead, her subtlety and nuance confidently lead us into the witchy nighttime places of our imaginations.
  • We are witnessing an emerging moonrise, a mature and strong voice with depth and texture, something shadowy and mysterious, the birth of a distinct and heartfelt singer who stands apart from the wholesale pop-diva trend.
  • Track Listings

  • Disc: 1

      1. Get You Down
      2. Never Satisfied
      3. Love Me Now Or Love Me Later
      4. To Me
      5. Everybody
      6. You Rescued Me
      7. Driftin’
      8. Get Me On That Train
      9. The Lord Is Real
      10. Adventure
      11. How’d You Like
      12. Mercy of the Lord
      13. Why Didn’t You Tell Me
      14. Where Did the Dream Go
      15. Trouble in Mind
      16. Practice What You Preach
The Not Just Another Diva is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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